Multi-height Couplings
A direct replacement for the centre buffers fitted as standard to many JANE'S. They allow reliable coupling to rolling stock with buffers higher or lower than usual. Supplied as a pair,  ready-painted in black and complete with fixing nuts and brass hooks.
Centre couplings
As used through out our rolling stock range screw length on back of buffer 15mm x M3 complete with brass hooks and nuts
£5.50 pair
Darjeeling dumb buffers
If your modelling some Darjeeling rolling stock these buffers are complete with coupling hooks
Roundhouse style buffers
As used on our roundhouse range these are larger than our standard buffers
£5.50 pair
LGB pattern couplings these couplings let you couple up and use mixed rolling stock and compatible with LGB type wagons and coaches. £5.50
Precision  steel turned steel buffers
These turned and chemically blackened buffers are a quality product and is a normal upgrade to your locomotive of rolling stock
£8.00 Pair