All Steel Wheels'
Available in 20 or 24 mm diameter and in either 32 or 45 mm gauge, these wheel sets are sold as four wheels with two 1/8” axles. They are ideal replacements for the plastic wheels fitted to some rolling stock as they add weight and improve running characteristics.
16 mm Wheel set    £9.00  32 gauge only.
20 mm Wheel set    £9.00  State 32 or insulated 45 mm gauge.
24 mm Wheel set    £9.00   State 32 or insulated 45 mm gauge.
30 mm Wheel set    £9.00   Insulated 45 mm gauge only but can easily be re gauged to 32 mm gauge.
Bogie set
The set includes two complete bogie units including wheels which are 24mm diameter and are available in 32mm gauge or  insulated 45mm gauge please specify when ordering
£32.00 per set
Small freelance bogies
Perfect for smaller coaches and wagons. Castings and steel wheels are supplied to make two complete bogies. 32mm or 45mm insulated wheels are included. £32.00