1031 Mr Trump
The station master don’t be late
1029 Mr Moth
Right handed standing driver his mind wanders way back when
1031 Chip Parti
Gang master don’t cross him
1032 Dickie Rennie
Sitting diesel driver
Always suffers with indigestion
1033 Mr Starboard
Sitting diesel driver
A red light means more than a nights entertainment       £5.00
1035 Mr Chaz
More rabbit than Sainsbury’s
1036 Miss Brodie
Chair women of the W.I
1037 Billy Green
The Classic Roundhouse Engine Driver
1038 Ernie Scrips
Always on time is our guard
Kara’s Little Kharacters
1039 Harry The Porter
Baggage is my game
(please note trolley and cases not included)
1040 Shim Din
Catches a ride if he can.
1041 Albert Jones
Enjoys he's journeys, he must get a season ticket.
1042 Leonard The Loco Driver
Oh the stories he can tell.
1043 B Class Darjeeling Loco Crew
Driver  fireman 2 x sander and coal breaker