Village Station & Lineside Workmans Hut Kits
Village Station Kit
Dimensions :-
Length 410 mm  
width 250 mm  
height 190 mm

Village Station And Lineside Workmans Hut Kits
We have been asked by many to produce simple line side buildings that are not complex to construct and are not very expensive that the modeller can put out in his garden to give there railway a feel of realism. The kit is constructed from water proof ply which has been laser cut for detail and ease of construction on sanding is required and all is included. All that is required is glue, paint and time if a longer platform or canopy is required two or more can be joined together.
Workmans Hut Kit
Dimensions :-
Length 160 mm   width 130 mm   height 125 mm
Station Holt Kit
Dimensions are
length 155 mm width 154 mm height 142 mm
Steam Mill Engine  Kit
Steam Mill Engine
This model could be seen all over the country in the turn of the century when steam was king it was used to pump water and keep our machines turning in our industrial revolution that was taking place. The model is built up from the most detailed castings that when built makes up into a very exquisite model also can be motorised so it would make your garden railway more real this model must be seen in the flesh to appreciate the amount of detail it has
Length 190 mm,  width 65 mm,  height 55 mm.