Talyllyn Coach Kits
We at IP Engineering have looked at the Talyllyn railway and have found some good looking coaches that was used in different time of the reconstruction of the railway by volunteers that makes the railway a success as it is today. Our kits are supplied complete and are made of high quality ply (not cheap  MDF )and come with steel wheels cast metal detail parts coupling, axle boxes with brass bearings all that is required is glue, paint, and time
16 mm scale Coach TR no 7 a bit later in life in 1967 built as a refreshments van the two top flaps hinged opened to reveal a serving counter the van stood against the platform when in use  The kit is as always ply construction with cast metal couplings brass wheel bearings and steel wheels the kit is complete all that is required is paint, glue and time. The model is available in either 32 mm gauge or 45 mm gauge please state when ordering. Note kit is supplied with the prototypical double buffer design but single buffers can be fitted if desired
Dimensions:-  Length       220 mm
Width         90 mm
Height        80 mm                   Price      £50.00