Our Vintage Mary loco
Is Back Available After 25 Years
Due to the interest of heritage locomotives Within the 16 mm association we have had our arm twisted to reproduce the Mary loco after almost 25 years using more modern techniques and production methods. The design stays the same as well as the price which then was £99.95 and for a limited time is still the same price.
The kit is complete it is made from CNC machined sheet and 3D printed chassis using our heavy duty gear set through a 280 motor powered by two AAA batteries with a forward and reverse switch on the cast metal dashboard also is a metal cast radiator axleboxes and multi height couplings which when built makes a nice addition to any garden railway.
There is only a limited number of these so obtain yours now or wish you did because they will sell Quickly at this price, 32 mm Gauge or 45 mm Gauge available
£99.95 Complete Kit
Length 160 mm Height 110 mm Width 80 mm